You may be visiting the area on a business trip or similar and have already arranged your hotel accommodation, or you may be booking the hotel especially for our meeting.  In either case once we have arranged to meet, simply let me have the name, location and room number of the hotel you are staying in.  You can contact me again once you have arrived and you can help me by letting me know the layout of the hotel ... "Location of the lifts from the main entrance".  This type of thing will help me to avoid looking lost once I arrive.

I will always arrive at your hotel smartly dressed so as not to embarrass either of us or raise any eyebrows as I pass reception!.  A tall immaculately dressed lady might turn heads - for all the right reasons, whereas a less discreet escort visiting you is sure to attract the wrong sort of attention!  That said I can change into something a little more comfortable on arrival if that is your wish, although I rather hope you will be enamoured to the point of not noticing my efforts to dress to impress!

Outcalls are available to executive hotels/motels only.   I would appreciate assistance with travel costs depending on location.

 I will require the following information when visiting you at your hotel:

* Your name

* Your room number

* The name and address of your Hotel

* Your mobile phone number

* As a security measure arrangements must be confirmed in advance from an email address connected to your internet provider. 

I look forward to meeting you at your hotel.